Cruising beautiful Lake Skadar

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The most beautiful beach of Lake Skadar


Pjesacac into the sunsetPjesacac beach

Holiday place for our guests

In the southern part of Skadar Lake, below the village Godinje, on rough terrain is built resort in Montenegro's ethnic Mediterranean style. Very demanding, difficult, and time-consuming task required a clearing bank for the dock for delivery of construction materials with water - the only possible approach. The dock today serves for boats and ships for transportation of tourists. Then is built beautiful beach around.

The narrow stone stairs leading from the beach to the terraces at several levels. Stone walls and paths linking all. Dedicated wrought iron torches at night light and form the landscape magnificent.
The levels are: an underground cellar and wine cellar, kitchen and the extra space, three apartments, bathrooms, and an old house from where is a magnificent view of the island Grmozur and the entire lake.
Rockefeller Foundation heard of Pjesacac. I visited him. Delighted, invested part of the cash fund for the protection of the lake. There is no electricity. Neither approaches the car. Total harmony with nature. Penetrated only footpath to a nearby road. Dominated by stone, wood, terracotta and wrought iron. Ornaments are living objects surrounding population from the last century.

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Beach and resort Pjesacac were built with the cooperation and ideas of company Buba Co from Podgorica:


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